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Warehouse operatives are responsible to agreement with goods and products that come into the warehouse or a stockroom. The Daily tasks would include, to check if there’s any item damaged or missing, moving stock going on for manually or using a forklift truck, picking and packing orders and keeping the folder of meting out up to date.

Job Description:

Job Title: Warehouse Operative

Contract Type: Temporary

Joining Date: ASAP

Job Location: SE1

Salary Rate: £12.84

Staff Direct is delighted to manage to pay for the job role of an experienced Warehouse Worker in the IG1 area. If you are approved and interested gain admission to us and send us your CV now.

As directed, the Warehouse Specialist performs a variety of warehousing duties that require an union of the establishment’s storage plan. Work involves most of the following: verifying materials (or merchandise) against receiving documents, noting and reporting discrepancies and obvious damages, routing materials to prescribed storage locations; storing, stacking, or palletizing materials in accordance similar to prescribed storage methods, rearranging and taking inventory of stored materials, examining stored materials and reporting deterioration and damage, removing material from storage and preparing it for shipment. This worker may function hand or knack trucks in performing arts warehousing duties. Must be computer literate and have SAP Logistics program knowledge.

Must be able to lift and carry going on to 35 Lbs

Must be competent to speak, read, write, and understand English.

If you are interested, contact us and send us your CV now.

Job Brief

We are impatient to see for an organized and motivated warehouse job operative to link our team. The warehouse job operative will be answerable for ensuring inventory is processed, organized, and stored. The warehouse job operative will next be liable for package, scan, and prepare orders for delivery. The dedicated candidate is delightful handling anything the calendar work, focused on meeting quotas, and experienced in inventory software and databases. The warehouse job operative may also habit to handle and take effect heavy machinery, or objective equipment, so a candidate considering an experience and a valid driver’s license is preferred.

Warehouse Operatives Jobs Erith Duties and Responsibilities

  • keep the inventory and materials across facilities
  • Process inventory for delivery
  • Categorize, organize and amassing inventory in the truthful location
  • Package items and label correctly
  • Scan the delivered items and ensure the sum and quality
  • Report damaged or missing inventory to supervisors
  • Stack and organize large bulk items manually or using an equipment
  • Unload or load inventory from trucks or shipping and delivery to proper location
  • Update logs and documentation for inventory processing
  • Move materials from facilities to workstations, pick-up locations, or new locations
  • Wear safety gear at whatever times
  • Operate stuffy machinery as soon as forklifts to move or buildup inventory
  • Ensure workspace is forgive of debris and cut off safety hazards from aisles
  • Work as an sprightly team enthusiast to firm team goals
  • Prepare documentation and inventory for audits

Requirements And Qualifications For Warehouse Job Operative

  • High bookish degree or equivalent
  • License or authorization from the allow in to operate stuffy machinery as needed
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Able to pass drug test/background check
  • Physically skillful to stand, sit, move, squat, walk, and climb during the course of the shift
  • Physically skilled to lift up to 50 pounds or more
  • Flexible timings to sham at night, weekends, and holidays
  • Excellent treaty of verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to con in a fast-paced environment
  • Familiarity past inventory software, and dexterous to upload data into the company system
  • Able to put on an act independently
  • Pays attention to detail and monitors the feel of inventory
  • Highly organized and practiced to stock items efficiently
  • Must follow whatever health and safety procedure and regulations as dictated by the supervision and the state
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