Temp Staffing Agency

Temp Staffing Agency


Staff-Direct is a UK-based Temp Staffing Agency offering world-class temp recruitment services at an affordable price. No issue what industry your business is in, Staff-Direct can incite you to hire the best temps in your area.

If you are searching for a reliable Temp Staffing Agency, become a ration of the Staff-Direct team today. We are straightforward 24/7 to locate temp workers upon your behalf.

Our practiced recruitment consultants utilize a wide range of strategies to identify the most gifted temp candidates for your business.

Need a Temp Staffing Agency?

There are many reasons why businesses pick to action with a Temp Staffing Agency like Staff-Direct.

We offer high-quality temp recruitment at an affordable rate, so you can hire exactly who you dependence in a immediate space of time.

Some of the advantages of temp recruitment include:

–        Urgent recruitment: Many of our clients require our temp recruitment services on an urgent basis. This means they are looking to hire someone within a situation of hours or days. Staff-Direct can sharply consult our temp database and locate a adequate candidate to associate your team. We can back our clients hire a temp at any hour of any day.

–        Temp workers: Sometimes hiring an individual on a the theater basis is enlarged than a long-term contract. Some businesses, such as those in seasonal industries or temporarily short on staff, find that temp workers are a bigger solution. You won’t have to commit to a long-term union and have compliance with your employment choices.

–        Try since you hire: A lot of businesses prefer to bill with certain employees previously deciding if they want to save them long-term. With a Temp Staffing Agency like Staff-Direct, you can find the candidates who are most tolerable for your business. Observe first-hand how they perform upon the job previously deciding if you want them to be a enduring addition to your team.

–        Cost-efficient: When you are hiring a temp worker, you are and no-one else paying them for the number of hours they work. This is in contradiction of a salaried position, where you need to commit to a worker for a unchangeable period of time. Hiring a temp can be a far afield more cost-efficient method of recruitment for many businesses.

–        Dependable: At Staff-Direct, our temp staff are experienced at practicing in supplementary roles and hitting the arena running. As a allowance of our team, your business will never be short on staff gone you compulsion them most. You can depend on our trustworthy temp staff to perform upon the job.

If you are a temp worker looking to join a temp agency, Staff-Direct can urge on you to find the best jobs in your area.

We can have enough money you:

–        Ongoing work: We play a role with some of the best companies in the works and next to the UK. At Staff-Direct, you will have regular entrance to lucrative temp jobs to incite you to earn keep and further your career.

–        Guidance: Our skilled consultants bring decades of knowledge to Staff-Direct. We can guide you through your career and assist you to make the best job choices.

–        Urgent work: Many of our best temp opportunities will pop-up upon short notice. You will find many risk-taking career opportunities coming your exaggeration when you become allowance of Staff-Direct.

The best temp recruitment

Finding a reliable temp recruitment partner is not always easy. You habit a temp agency that specialises in stand-in recruitment, so you can bring in temp workers reliably as soon as you compulsion them.

Staff-Direct is a temp recruitment agency behind decades of experience in the industry. We feign with businesses anything across the UK, providing Temp Staffing Agency solutions at a competitive rate.

Staff-Direct can offer:

–        Fast results: You won’t be waiting all but for weeks grating to locate the right candidate once you join Staff-Direct. Our recruitment consultants can identify the ideal temps for your event within just a business of hours or days. We struggle to speak to results in a timely fashion, so your issue can stay ahead of the competition.

–        Always available: Unlike many supplementary temping agencies in the UK, Staff-Direct will always be available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our customer encouragement team can be reached any hour of the morning and will always be there to treaty with your urgent needs.

–        Urgent hiring: If you are misfortune from absent workers or shortages of staff, Staff-Direct is your ideal recruitment partner. Our recruitment experts can assist you employ temps upon an urgent basis. Reach out to us and our team will immediately get on the case, often delivering solutions within just hours.

–        Talented workers: We bill with some of the brightest faculty in the UK. Our temp workers are incredibly reliable and always speak to the best results. You will never be short on top-quality staff considering you belong to Staff-Direct.

–        Competitive pricing: We arrogance ourselves on delivering high-quality temp recruitment solutions at an affordable rate. You won’t find better value for maintenance in a Temp Staffing Agency in the UK.

–        Moneyback guarantee: Throughout our years in the temp industry, we have offered clients our moneyback guarantee. This means your concern can allegation your money help if you are not satisfied next our facilities for any reason.

Join our temp agency

Staff-Direct is always looking to fake with further clients and carefree candidates. If you are eager in our temp agency, get in adjoin with us today to learn more.

You can pick up the phone and call us or send us an email and someone from our team will be there. Alternatively, visit our website to learn more about our astounding services.

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