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    What is Support Staff?

    Support staff is a category of staff that is used in many different organisations for a variety of different tasks. Most commonly, support staff is used in an office environment. Support staff can also be people working on specific projects that need additional assistance or just to fulfil a specific role in the organisation.

    Office Support Staff

    In an office environment, support staff often work in positions such as administrators, clerks, receptions and general helpers. In these roles the support staff member is expected to make the work life of the employer easier by picking up on the needs of the client and doing the work quickly and efficiently. The client may also assign additional tasks to the support staff employee and s/he will then be expected to complete these tasks to the best of his/her ability. When you are appointed to a support staff role, you must accept that the position will often be demanding and you might be required to work long hours and meet stringent deadlines. Employers rely heavily on their support staff in order to get projects done and work to their own deadlines.

    What characteristics does support staff have?

    The most common characteristics that a support staff member should have is attention to detail. S/he needs to have ample patience and a lot of initiative. Technical skills such as comprehensive computer skills are also needed. Depending on the industry that you work in, you may be required to learn new skills and technical knowledge.

    Support staff are rewarded relatively well and they find their job satisfaction in seeing that the tasks assigned to him/her are done to an exceptional standard and that their employer is happy, and possibly impressed, with the work that is delivered. Many organisations can’t function without competent support staff, so there will always be a demand for eager and qualified people to fill these roles.