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    Temporary Staffing – Permanent Service

    Temporary staff is a popular way of filling gaps in the workforce. It is also a preferred method of supplementing the normal staff complement in times of growth and large workloads. Staff Direct is an agency that specialises in short term staff, extra staff and relief staff. As a temping agency, Staff Direct is well-known for the quality of its short terms staff agency. All its candidates possess the following:

    • Experience
    • Appropriate qualifications
    • Willingness to work
    • Willingness to learn

    Staff Direct has temporary staff available at short notice if you need someone to fill in for a staff member on holiday or leave or for any other reason that your company might need a temp.

    What We Offer

    Our service is:

    • Fast
    • Professional
    • Ongoing

    We offer temps for:

    • Relief work
    • Extra staff
    • Fill-in temps for staff on leave or on holiday
    • Day staff

    Agency temps are thoroughly screened and go through a vigorous interview process to assess their skills, experience and work readiness. Temps working through Staff Direct also have the opportunity to improve their skills by working in different environments. Occasionally Staff Direct will offer a skills improvement course for temps to participate in. Agency temps are willing workers. They don’t have a regular source of income and are therefore very willing to work hard in order to secure further assignments in the future. Relief staff are also more reliable precisely because they want further jobs to come their way.

    Relevant Temps

    Staff Direct is able to provide the most relevant temp to meet your requirements. We build relationships with our clients. This helps us understand the context of your organisation and that helps us make the most appropriate culture fit when we send the temp to you. Relevant temps also mean that they will have the necessary skills and experience that you need. In addition to that Staff Direct makes sure that there is a match in:

    • Culture
    • Attitude and
    • Work ethic

    With these in place, the client will feel as if the temp is a permanent employee with little to no adjustment issues. If the temp is successful, Staff Direct will flag him as appropriate for that company and when another temp is required, we will know who to send.In addition to the effort that Staff Direct makes in finding the right temp for the job, we also follow up and ensure that the client is happy for as long as the temp is there.