Pickers & Packers Jobs in Tottenham Hale

We are looking for a Picker/Packer to hold us later than our shipping and receiving operations. In this position, you will accept effect in our distribution center, packing, labeling, and scanning outgoing shipments. Our ideal applicant has general warehouse or order picking experience.

Tottenham Hale is a key industrial and logistics hub in North London with several warehouses and distribution centers located in the area. This results in strong demand for pickers & packers to handle fulfillment center activities. For those seeking warehouse roles, Tottenham Hale provides decent opportunities to gain experience and earn as a picker and packer.

Pickers & Packers Jobs in Tottenham Hale

What Does a Picker & Packer Do?

Pickers work in warehouses and are responsible for accurately picking, scanning, and collecting products to fulfill orders. Using handheld RF scanners, pick lists, and pick-to-light systems they identify items, ensure quality, and transport picked goods to dispatch areas using trolleys.

Packers take the picked goods, assemble and pack orders as per requirements, weigh cartons, affix shipping labels and load packed goods onto pallets or vehicles ready for delivery. They ensure packaging is secured to avoid damages in transit.

Both roles require attention to detail, physical ability to stand for long periods, productivity focus and basic computer skills. Having a flexible, teamwork-oriented attitude is also preferred.

Exploring Pickers & Packers Jobs in Tottenham Hale

Are you searching for job opportunities in Tottenham Hale? Look no further! The area boasts a thriving job market, with numerous employment opportunities available for pickers & packers jobs in Tottenham Hale. Whether you’re just starting your job search or are seeking a new opportunity, Tottenham Hale has plenty to offer.

With the rise of e-commerce, many businesses are turning to logistics to meet changing customer demands. As a result, there has been a surge in the demand for pickers & packers jobs in Tottenham Hale. This increase in demand has led to a high number of job vacancies, providing a range of employment opportunities for those seeking work.

Types of Jobs in Tottenham Hale

There are several types of jobs available for pickers & packers jobs in Tottenham Hale. Some of the most common positions include:

Job Title Description
Warehouse Operative Responsible for ensuring the efficient running of the warehouse, including picking and packing orders, stock control, and inventory management.
Order Picker Responsible for selecting items from the warehouse to fulfill customer orders.
Warehouse Packer Responsible for packing items ready for dispatch, ensuring they are properly labeled and packaged for safe transportation.
Warehouse Picker and Packer Responsible for both selecting items from the warehouse to fulfill customer orders and packing them for dispatch.

No matter your experience level, there are positions available for those with a range of skills and qualifications.

Essential Skills and Qualities

  • Physical fitness with ability to walk, bend, stretch for extended periods
  • Comfortable using computers and handheld devices
  • Ability to follow instructions accurately
  • Focus on meeting performance targets
  • Attention to quality and compliance with processes
  • Effective communication and teamwork
  • Responsible work ethic and integrity
  • Desire for efficiency and continuous improvement
  • Willingness to handle repetitive tasks

Pickers & Packers Jobs in Tottenham Hale

Where to Find Pickers and Packers Jobs in Tottenham Hale

  • Online job portals like Indeed, TotalJobs, CV-Library
  • Warehouse staffing agencies like Manpower, Adecco, Gi Group
  • Job sites of key companies and warehouses like Amazon, DHL, UPS
  • Career pages of supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s
  • Tottenham Hale job center
  • In-person enquires at warehouses in the area
  • Social media groups for local hiring alerts

Major companies with logistics operations and Enfield hiring pickers & packers jobs in Tottenham Hale include Tesco, Boots, Amazon, DPD, Fedex and Wincanton.

Typical Salaries in Tottenham Hale

Picker and packer salaries in Tottenham Hale typically range:

  • Entry level – £18,000 – £22,000
  • Experienced – £21,000 – £26,000

Salaries vary based on permanent or temporary status, full-time or part-time hours, and shift times. Benefits usually include employee discounts, bonuses and overtime pay.

Qualifications and Training Required

No formal qualifications are required but some employers prefer GCSEs/O-Levels. Useful credentials include:

  • Forklift license
  • Health and Safety certificate
  • Manual handling certificate
  • Basic computer literacy

On-the-job training is provided covering:

  • Warehouse processes and layout
  • Inventory and order management systems
  • Equipment like handheld scanners, RFID
  • Product storage and identification
  • Health and safety protocols
  • Company values and workplace conduct

Future Outlook for These Jobs

Driven by the boom in e-commerce and home deliveries, demand for pickers & packers jobs in Tottenham Hale supported by hiring from major warehouses and retail chains. Gaining some initial experience as a warehouse assistant or via temporary staffing agencies can help secure permanent picker/packer roles. Candidates comfortable with fast-paced physical work should find good prospects.

In summary, Tottenham Hale offers abundant opportunities for entry level pickers and packers to commence their logistics careers and potentially transition into related roles long term.


Tottenham Hale is a bustling area with ample employment opportunities for pickers and packers. Whether you’re starting your career or looking for career growth, this vibrant area has so much to offer. With different warehouse operative positions available, you’re sure to find the right role that suits your career aspirations.

As we have discussed, pickers & packers jobs in Tottenham Hale play a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations in the warehouse and the entire supply chain. To stand out during the hiring process, you need the necessary skills and qualifications required for specific roles such as order picker, warehouse packer, and warehouse picker and packer.

Pickers & Packers Jobs in Tottenham Hale


What are typical shifts for warehouse pickers/packers?

    • Full-time roles often involve 10-12 hour shifts from early mornings to late evenings across weekends and bank holidays.

      How should you prepare for interviews and assessments?

    • Be ready to highlight any prior warehouse or manual work. Assessments test physical abilities, maths, logic and safety knowledge.

      What are risks of picker and packer roles?

    • Fast-paced physical work can be tiring over months. Repetitive stress and minor strains common if processes aren’t ergonomic.

      What career progression is possible?

    • Pickers and packers can progress to team leads, forklift operators, warehouse supervisors and facility managers long term.

      How competitive is recruitment currently?

    • Competition is high for permanent roles but taking initial temp assignments can help secure permanent employment.

      In summary, Tottenham Hale provides an excellent location to start your warehousing career as a picker or packer and potentially transition into related supply chain roles.

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