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    Recruitment Solution – Any Staff, Any Time

    There are too many steps to the ideal process and too many authorizations to obtain. Then there is the advertising and screening process that can be very long and time consuming. This is why many HR professionals – even in small companies – revert to appointing recruitment agencies to deal with the more tedious parts of the recruitment process. The recruitment agency is paid either a retainer or a placement fee for every successful placement of a suitable candidate. Placement fees take the risk of making a placement off the shoulders of the employer. Instead it ensures that the recruitment agency does thorough screening and interviewing before presenting candidates for the available position. It also means that should the candidate leave the company within a certain period of time, the company has a replacement guarantee.

    Our Employment Process

    The process of hiring an recruitment agency is fairly simple. Just like any other service provider, the agency needs to present the company with their terms and conditions. Once these have been signed, the company can allow ‘job specs’ to be forwarded to the agency. ‘Job specs’ contain the requirements for the position, as well as the characteristics and qualifications of the ‘ideal ‘candidate. It is standard practice for the recruitment agency to have a ready database of candidates that may be suitable for the position. If they don’t, they will advertise in the most applicable forums (e.g. Newspaper, websites etc.) detailing the position and what is expected from them. Usually the agency will collect about ten applicable CVs and hold screening interviews. From these interviews the agent in charge of the ‘job spec’ will choose a maximum of three suitable candidates to present to the client for consideration. Here the HR of the company steps in again. The shortlist of candidates provides the HR professional with just enough choice to make a decision and not too much information to waste time. S/he will interview the candidates and if one of them is the ‘ideal’ candidate, they will let the agency know that they would like to make an offer. If none of the candidates are suitable, the agency has to start the process again.

    Perfect & 100% Suitable Candidate Placement

    Throughout the process, the agency is required to keep its client informed of the progress being made and the quality of candidates applying for the position. If there seems to be a problem with either the ‘job spec’ or the candidate quality, the agency and the client can work together to address the situation. Once a placement is made, the agency will facilitate the negotiations as well as.

    Recruitment Agency London