A company’s front line is the first contact that the public and potential clients have with the company. It is, therefore, vital that the receptionist is presentable, well-spoken and professional. The image that the receptionist portrays will, within a matter of seconds, determine the impression that the public and any potential clients will have of the company.


Every candidate, male or female, who are eligible for a position at reception is interviewed in person. Their overall look, demeanour and general attitude are assessed to see if they are suitable for this kind of position. Their references, background, skills and experience are thoroughly screened and they are also given a practical skills test to complete.


Temporary Staff Agency will only place the very best reception candidates with our clients. We understand that our clients’ success is imperative to their survival. In turn, their success is also vital to our success and we will, therefore, ensure that the most suitable and appropriate match is made when placing a receptionist with a client.