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    Most retail companies need people to promote and sell their products. Promotional staff is regularly needed in a highly competitive retail industry.

    Temp Staff has an excellent staff of promo girls (the most popular staff requested), as well as other promoting staff.

    Staff Direct – The Promo Staff Agency

    There seems to be a perception among the public that anybody can do promotional work. In order to do promotional work, you need to possess the following qualities:

    • An attractive appearance
    • An attractive personality
    • An outgoing nature
    • Able to deal with rejection and rude people
    • Be persistent and persuasive at all times

    In addition to the above requirements, the promoting staff will need to know the most important aspects of the product, positives and negatives of using the product and be able to gauge whether the product is suitable to the potential client. This is to prevent damage and resulting lawsuits.

    Although many students work part-time as promoters, there are several people who make a regular income from promoting a variety of new products.

    Temporary Staff’s database

    Temp Staff has a whole stable of suitable promoting staff on its database and should you need to promote something, our expert team of recruiters and temp management staff will gladly assist you. Our only requirements will be that the client gives us a full briefing on the product so that we can match the most suitable promoters with the project.

    Our promoters also give us feedback of their experience with the client and, should that feedback be favorably, they will be listed as preferred promoters for that particular client’s projects. This makes the placement process.

    Temp Staff prides itself on the quality of its temps and its service. Our promo staff, as are all our staff, are of the highest quality – making it easy to guarantee our placements.