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Efficient Temporary Housekeeper Staff Agency in London


When faced with a busy schedule or special circumstances, hiring a temporary housekeeper can prove to be a lifesaver for many households. Whether it’s due to a temporary increase in workload, the arrival of guests, or the need for extra assistance during an important event, a temporary housekeeper offers valuable support in maintaining a clean and organised living space.

Perfect Household Staff is a top-notch agency that has been providing highly vetted temporary housekeepers within 30 minutes of your request for over 15 years. They specialize in domestic staffing solutions, including temporary placements, and have an extensive network of pre-screened, skilled housekeepers. The agency’s thorough vetting process ensures that each temporary housekeeper recommended is not only qualified but also trustworthy and reliable. They offer customised solutions to match your specific requirements and provide ongoing support throughout the temporary placement to ensure satisfaction. With Perfect Household Staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your temporary housekeeper is highly qualified and committed to delivering exceptional service.

Key Takeaways:

  • Temporary housekeepers provide valuable support in maintaining a clean and organised living space.
  • Perfect Household Staff is an experienced agency in London, specializing in temporary housekeeping placements.
  • The agency thoroughly vets and screens temporary housekeepers for qualifications, trustworthiness, and reliability.
  • Customised solutions and ongoing support are provided to ensure satisfaction throughout the temporary placement.
  • Choose Perfect Household Staff for peace of mind knowing you have a highly qualified temporary housekeeper.

Why Choose Perfect Household Staff to Find a Temporary Housekeeper?

Perfect Household Staff is a leading agency in London that specializes in finding temporary housekeepers for various domestic needs. With over 15 years of experience, the agency has established itself as a reliable and efficient solution for households in need of temporary housekeeping staff.

When you choose Perfect Household Staff, you gain access to their extensive candidate network, ensuring that you can quickly find a highly qualified temporary housekeeper who meets your specific requirements. The agency’s thorough vetting process sets them apart, as they conduct rigorous background checks, verify references, and conduct detailed interviews with each candidate. This comprehensive screening process guarantees that every temporary housekeeper recommended by Perfect Household Staff is not only qualified but also trustworthy and reliable.

The recruitment process at Perfect Household Staff is transparent and tailored to your preferences. You have the opportunity to interview and select the candidate who best suits your needs, providing you with peace of mind knowing that you have made the right choice for your household.

In addition to their focus on quality and suitability, Perfect Household Staff ensures legal compliance. They make sure that all temporary housekeepers provided are legally eligible to work in your country and are well-informed about employment laws and regulations. This commitment to compliance further enhances the reliability and professionalism of the agency’s services.

If you are in need of temporary housekeeping staff in London, Perfect Household Staff is the agency to choose. Their expertise, extensive network, thorough vetting process, and commitment to legal compliance make them the ideal partner in finding a highly qualified temporary housekeeper who will meet your expectations.

Temporary Housekeepers Duties

Temporary housekeepers play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and organised living space. They are responsible for a wide range of duties that ensure the smooth functioning of a household. Here are some of the key tasks that temporary housekeepers handle:

Cleaning: Temporary housekeepers are proficient in cleaning various areas of the property, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and common areas. They ensure that all surfaces are dusted, floors are vacuumed or mopped, and windows are cleaned to maintain a pristine living space.

Laundry: Temporary housekeepers handle laundry tasks, including washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes and linens. They follow specific instructions regarding fabric care and sorting clothes based on color and type.

Cooking and Refreshments: Temporary housekeepers may assist with making refreshments and simple cooking, ensuring that the household members are provided with nutritious meals and snacks.

Childcare: Temporary housekeepers often assist with childcare duties, ensuring that children’s spaces are clean and tidy. They may help with supervision, tidying up toys, and organizing play areas.

Shopping: They can assist with local or online shopping, helping the household with grocery shopping or running errands to maintain a well-stocked pantry and household supplies.

Additional Housekeeping Skills: Temporary housekeepers with special skills may perform tasks such as cleaning marble surfaces, polishing silverware, and tending to indoor or outdoor plants in a garden.

Assisting with Day-to-Day Tasks: Temporary housekeepers may support the household by running errands, meeting and greeting guests, and even packing and unpacking suitcases for travel.

To ensure the effective performance of these duties, Perfect Household Staff, a reputable housekeeper staffing agency in London, meticulously reviews the qualifications and experience of temporary housekeepers. By hiring their recommended housekeepers, clients can be confident in their ability to deliver exceptional service.

Temporary Housekeeper Duties

Housekeeper Vetting Process

At Perfect Household Staff, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our clients. To ensure that we provide reliable and trustworthy housekeepers, we have implemented a rigorous vetting process. Each candidate interested in the role of a housekeeper undergoes a comprehensive screening procedure to assess their skills, experience, and professionalism. Our vetting process includes:

  1. Thorough Background Check: We conduct a detailed background check to verify the candidate’s personal history.
  2. Employment and Reference Verification: We verify the candidate’s previous employment and check their references to ensure their reliability and trustworthiness.
  3. Detailed Interview: We conduct a detailed interview with each candidate to evaluate their skills, experience, and suitability for the housekeeper role.
  4. Knowledge Assessment: We assess the candidate’s knowledge of housekeeping best practices, ensuring that they are well-versed in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
  5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills Evaluation: We assess the candidate’s communication and interpersonal skills to ensure excellent customer service and effective communication with clients.

By following such a thorough vetting process, we aim to offer our clients peace of mind, knowing that the housekeepers we provide are trustworthy, competent, and committed to delivering exceptional service.

Vetting Process


Thorough background check Ensures the candidate’s personal history is reliable
Employment and reference verification Confirms the candidate’s reliability and trustworthiness
Detailed interview Evaluates the candidate’s skills, experience, and suitability
Knowledge assessment Ensures the candidate’s familiarity with housekeeping best practices
Communication and interpersonal skills evaluation Guarantees excellent customer service and effective communication

Temporary Housekeeper Recruitment Form

Find the perfect temporary housekeeper for your needs through Perfect Household Staff’s convenient online recruitment form. With just a few minutes of your time, you can provide the agency with the necessary information to match you with the right candidate. The form asks for details such as the type of housekeeper you are looking for (temporary), your location (London), and any specific requirements or preferences you may have.

Example of a Temporary Housekeeper Recruitment Form


Example Input

Type of Housekeeper Temporary
Location London
Specific Requirements/Preferences Prefer someone with childcare experience

professional temporary housekeeping agency london

Latest Temporary Housekeeper Job Vacancies

Looking for a temporary housekeeping job in London? Perfect Household Staff has you covered. As a professional temporary housekeeping agency in London, we regularly update our job vacancies with the latest temporary housekeeper positions. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career in housekeeping, we have a range of opportunities available that cater to different preferences and requirements.

At Perfect Household Staff, we understand the importance of flexibility and choice for both candidates and clients. That’s why we offer temporary housekeeping positions in various locations across London. You can select the area that suits you best and find the perfect temporary housekeeping opportunity that matches your skills and preferences.

By browsing our latest job vacancies, you can explore the diverse opportunities available and take the next step in your housekeeping career. Join our team of London housekeeping staff and work with some of the most prestigious households in the city.

Are you ready to start your journey with us? Take a look at our latest temporary housekeeper job vacancies and apply today!

Job Title



Temporary Housekeeper Central London Prior experience in housekeeping, attention to detail, excellent organizational skills
Part-Time Housekeeper West London Flexible working hours, good communication skills, ability to handle multiple tasks
Live-in Temporary Housekeeper North London Previous experience in a similar role, knowledge of fine fabrics and delicate surfaces

Contact Perfect Household Staff for Temporary Housekeeper Services

If you would like to learn more about Perfect Household Staff’s temporary housekeeper services or discuss your specific requirements in more detail, you can easily get in touch with them. They offer an obligation-free quote and are ready to assist you in finding a temporary housekeeper that matches your needs. Their expert team is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support throughout the hiring process.

Whether you have an inquiry or need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact Perfect Household Staff today. Their friendly team is always ready to help you find the perfect temporary housekeeper for your needs.


Hiring a temporary housekeeper can provide a practical solution for households in need of additional support with cleaning, tidying, and organizing. When searching for efficient and reliable temporary housekeeper services in London, look no further than Perfect Household Staff. With over 15 years of experience, this reputable agency offers a comprehensive range of temporary staffing solutions for housekeepers.

Perfect Household Staff stands out as a top choice due to their extensive candidate network. Through a rigorous vetting process, they ensure that only qualified and trustworthy professionals are recommended to clients. Whether you require temporary housekeeping staff for a short-term increase in workload or for a special event, Perfect Household Staff can provide the right solution tailored to your specific needs.

By choosing Perfect Household Staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home will be in the hands of skilled professionals. Their commitment to excellence, customised solutions, and unmatched expertise position them as a leading temporary staff agency in London. Take advantage of their hospitality staffing services by contacting Perfect Household Staff today and find your perfect temporary housekeeper.



What services does Perfect Household Staff provide?

Perfect Household Staff specializes in domestic staffing solutions, including the placement of temporary housekeepers in London.

How long has Perfect Household Staff been providing temporary housekeepers in London?

Perfect Household Staff has over 15 years of experience in providing highly vetted temporary housekeepers within 30 minutes of your request.

How does Perfect Household Staff vet their temporary housekeepers?

Perfect Household Staff implements a rigorous vetting process that includes background checks, employment verification, reference checks, and detailed interviews to ensure the qualifications, trustworthiness, and reliability of each temporary housekeeper.

What duties can a temporary housekeeper perform?

Temporary housekeepers can perform a wide range of duties, including cleaning, laundry, cooking, child care, shopping, additional housekeeping skills, running errands, greeting guests, and packing and unpacking suitcases.

How can I find a temporary housekeeper through Perfect Household Staff?

You can find a temporary housekeeper by filling out their online recruitment form, providing your specific requirements and preferences.

Does Perfect Household Staff offer temporary housekeeping jobs?

Yes, Perfect Household Staff regularly updates their job vacancies with the latest temporary housekeeping positions in London.

How can I contact Perfect Household Staff for temporary housekeeper services?

You can contact Perfect Household Staff by email or phone to discuss your specific requirements and receive an obligation-free quote.

Why should I choose Perfect Household Staff for finding a temporary housekeeper?

Perfect Household Staff stands out as a leading agency for finding temporary housekeepers in London due to their extensive experience, thorough vetting process, customised solutions, and ongoing support throughout the temporary placement.

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