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General labourers are workers who take up various supporting tasks in a warehouse, construction sites or other settings (e.g. factories). According to this general labourer definition, these workers may have an important assisting role in constructing highways, buildings or other structures and they may also transport materials and equipment. Labouring Jobs In Holyfield 

The job duties of a general labourer vary. They may adjoin cleaning and preparing a job site, loading and delivering materials, and using a variety of tools and machines such as blowtorches, forklifts, levels, lifts, power drills, grinders, saws, pressure washers, and water spraying equipment. Some companies as well as use the titles General Worker and Common Labourer to describe this particular role.

Job Description:

Job Title: Labouring Jobs

Contract Type: Temporary

Starting Date: ASAP

Job Location: SE1

Salary Rate: £12.84

Staff Direct is delighted to offer the job role of an experienced Labourer in the London City SE1. If you are qualified and interested, contact us and send us your CV now.

This position will perform a range of duties in the maintenance and cleaning of work, shop, and office areas and outside grounds and storage areas keeping it orderly and free of debris.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Load material on and off of skids, pallets and stands.
  • Perform general cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, scrubbing and polishing floors.
  • Repair simple structures and equipment.
  • Operate the motor vehicle, scooter or cart occasionally while accomplishing assigned tasks.
  • Use cleaning solutions and tools as required to mop, buff, polish and scrub surfaces and equipment.
  • Stage and empty trash and recyclable containers.
  • Prepare labels as required and prepare basic reports.
  • Operate tools and equipment in the performance of duties.
  • Able to make preventive maintenance adjustments to related equipment.
  • Perform all other position related duties as assigned or requested.
  • Must have a valid EU Driving license.

Work Environment, Physical Demands, and Mental Demands:

Work is performed in a shop environment with hazardous equipment, moving MHE, obstacles and high volume activity. Must be able to lift and carry up to 35 pounds for short distances, stoop, bend, kneel, walk, have full dexterity, and correctable vision. Outside work in hot and cold or wet weather is often required. Work environment often has fumes or airborne particles. Noise level is loud. Protective devices are required to avoid injury.

M&E enforces a safety culture whereby all employees have the responsibility for continuously developing and maintaining a safe work environment. As appropriate, each employee is responsible for completing all training requirements and fulfilling all self-aid/buddy aid responsibilities, participating in emergency response tasks and serving on safety committees and teams.

Must be able to speak and understand English.

If you are interested, contact us and send us your CV now.

What Does A  General Labourer Do? Labouring Jobs In Holyfield 

General labourer duties vary depending on the character they be in in and their level of specialization. They usually accomplish in construction where they encourage erect scaffolding, cleanup sites and incite specialized workers such as painters and electricians. Occasionally, general labourers accept up dangerous tasks subsequent to handling chemicals or removing plus from buildings. In these cases, you might be required to schedule training sessions on working later hazardous materials safely. Labouring Jobs In Holyfield 

Job Brief Labouring Jobs In Holyfield 

We are looking to hire General Labourer to take up reference book labour tasks and preserve operations in worksites. One of the most important general labourer responsibilities is to entire sum trash, debris and further waste to keep the site clean and safe. You will also gain to handle capacity tools and materials (such as saws and drills).

We would afterward you to have count stamina and the achievement to raise heavy loads. You should be skillful to concentrate upon performing your tasks and commit to safety rules. If you fit this description and you are also curious in produce a result tough but important work, we would in imitation of to meet you. Labouring Jobs In Holyfield 

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