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As January is now well underway, it can be a mixed bag of emotions as you head back to work after Christmas. Some of you may be very excited to be back in a routine and getting on with new projects, while others might feel a little deflated and demotivated.

Whichever group you fall into, it’s key to understand just how important your work ethic is. Work ethic is the thing that keeps driving you forward, making sure you’re working to the best of your ability. At this time of year, that can feel like an uphill struggle.

No matter if you are in a brand new job, or you have been in the same role for years, there is always room to improve your work ethic and give yourself that extra boost. So, where do you start?

Set your standards

It’s important to set your own standards of what makes a productive and positive workday. What will make you feel as though you’ve achieved something great? It could be something as small as getting through your to-do list every day, or doing a small bit of personal development during the last hour of the day.

Your standards should be personal, but also help your wider team or department. They should be performance-based, as this will ensure you can look back and take stock of what you have achieved over the week.

Having frequent meetings with your colleagues or manager can help you to keep up with your standards and ensure your motivation isn’t lacking.

Set your goals

Similar to standards, having goals you want to work towards can be instrumental in making sure you maintain a great work ethic. It can be a weekly goal, monthly or even an annual goal to monitor your development within your role.

If you aren’t meeting your goals, consider the reasons why. Are you still happy in your role? Is it time to think about changing jobs and taking on a new challenge? Setting goals can give you a benchmark of how often you are hitting your targets and where improvements need to be made.

Create good habits

Good habits can create consistency and a routine that works well for you. Whether it’s getting to work on time every day, or taking a decent lunch break and rest from your busy schedule, it can help you to keep focused and keep going!

Good habits like staying off social media until you’ve finished a list of tasks or adhering to the company’s dress code might seem menial, but in the long run they can build a great character in regards to how you conduct yourself professionally.

Don’t let mistakes set you back

No matter your experience or seniority, it’s natural to make mistakes. How you deal with those mistakes is a great testament to your work ethic. It’s important to bounce back from your mistakes and find solutions for them, as well as being able to take on any criticism with a positive attitude.

If you are finding it difficult to be positive in your current role, it might be time for a change! It’s important to know when you’re ready to move on to a new challenge. If you think that time has come, get in touch with us and see how we can help to find the right environment for you.

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