Warehouse Operatives Jobs in Broadstreet Green

Also known as warehouse workers or warehouse operatives, warehouse operators handle whatever duties pertaining to the processing, organizing, and packing of goods that are sent to warehouses for storage. They accept inventory of everything warehouse goods and operate everything material handling equipment to load and unload goods. Warehouse Operatives Jobs in Broadstreet Green

Job Description:

Job Title: Warehouse Operatives
Contract Type: Temporary
Starting Date: ASAP
Job Location: W3
Salary Rate: £9-£10/hr

We are looking to hire an efficient and hard-working warehouse operative to process all incoming and outgoing merchandise according to received warehouse guidelines. The warehouse operative’s responsibilities adjoin reporting any broken, damaged, or malfunctioning warehouse equipment to management, taking inventory of anything warehouse merchandise, and ensuring that fragile merchandise is passably packed to prevent damage during transit. You should plus be practiced to play basic cleaning duties to keep the warehouse tidy. Warehouse Operatives Jobs in Broadstreet Green

To be rich as a warehouse operative, you should be detail-oriented, adept at in force forklifts, and accomplished to stand for outstretched periods. Ultimately, an outstanding warehouse operator should adhere to all warehouse safety practices as without difficulty as disturb exceptional organizational, time management, and communication skills.

Responsibilities of Warehouse Operatives Jobs in Broadstreet Green

  • Signing for shipments upon receipt and verifying that the correct merchandise has been received.
  • Thoroughly inspecting merchandise for any damages and discrepancies.
  • Maintaining an accurate folder of whatever merchandise customary and distributed.
  • Contacting suppliers or distributors to resolve any shipment or delivery issues.
  • Using forklifts, hand carts, or pallet jacks to load, unload, move, stack, and arrange merchandise accordingly.
  • Strategically storing merchandise to maximize storage reveal within the warehouse.
  • Weighing merchandise and selecting take control of envelopes, boxes, containers, or crates in which to pack merchandise.
  • Promptly executive distribution orders or requests, which includes retrieving specified merchandise from storage as well as packing, sealing, and labeling merchandise accordingly.

Warehouse Operative Requirements:

  • High bookish diploma or GED.
  • A authentic forklift license.
  • Proven experience working in a warehouse environment.
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications as with ease as warehouse organization software.
  • The exploit to safely feign warehouse machinery and equipment.
  • The attainment to raise and involve heavy objects.
  • The skill to stand for lengthy periods.
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented.

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