Van Driver Jobs In West Heath

The role of a van driver is to concentrate on goods from a manufacturer to a retail outlet, such as a shop and wholesaler. Many van drivers spend long hours upon the road as a result it is a job best suited to people who don’t mind spending the Big majority of their grow old in a vehicle. Van drivers need to have great communication skills to deal with customers
As with ease as making deliveries, the driver has to be competent to save detailed history of mileage, fuel consumption, and new purchases made while upon duty. On start at a delivery site, the driver must take a signature, fill out forms or hand out invoices. Van Driver Jobs In West Heath

Job Description:

Job Title: Van Driver
Contract Type: Temporary
Starting Date: ASAP
Job Location: SE6
Salary Rate: £10 – £12/hr

Duties Of Van Driver Jobs In West Heath

  • Pick taking place items from warehouses or retail outlets
  • Assist leaders in loading items onto the van and ensuring that they are stacked properly
  • Ensure that the van log on is locked correctly state loading
  • Chart out the capture route using maps or GPS
  • Drive the van to the destination in a secure manner and by following everything traffic rules
  • Make several stops to retail outlets to forward items
  • Assist taking into account the unloading of items
  • Make determined that the item include is correct
  • Take signatures on order delivery forms and notify superior of affluent delivery
  • Perform general and preventative maintenance upon the vehicle


• Being punctual.
• Having excellent driving skills.
• Being obedient and trustworthy.
• Having great concentration.
• Having interpersonal abilities.
• Having knowledge just about routes and geography.
• Being nimble to work under pressure.
• Having watchfulness of safety dealings for goods´ loading and unloading processes.
• Being accomplished to meet deadlines.
• Having great communication skills. Van Driver Jobs In West Heath

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