Dental Nurse Jobs In St Helens

Dental nurses are healthcare workers whose major role is to back up dentists in attainment different kinds of oral-care procedures. Dental Nurse Jobs In St Helens

Job Description:

Job Title: Dental Nurse
Contract Type: Temporary
Starting Date: ASAP
Job Location: Kensington
Salary Rate: £11 – £14 per hr

To be nimble to decree the role of a dental nurse effectively in imitation of your patients capably satisfied, you will habit to have a calm and reassuring attitude to your patients. Dental Nurse Jobs In St Helens

You will craving to do that most patients that compulsion your support are desire and are in need of immediate solution to their problems. You will be making it worse for them by bodily irritable or insensitive.

Responsibilities Of Dental Nurse Jobs In St Helens:

Some of your patients will be children and people as soon as special needs, so you compulsion to be dexterous to relate later them cordially.

  • Open and near the surgery daily
  • Adhere to health and safety protocols as skillfully as cross-infection to the highest standard
  • Ensure all dental instruments are correctly decontaminated
  • Set occurring for all patient
  • Provide the Dentist bearing in mind the truthful instruments and equipment
  • Serve as an partner in crime to the Dentist during treatment bypassing relevant equipment and instruments to him, in the thesame vein retracting and aspirating if necessary
  • Mix and prepare materials
  • Write compliant notes efficiently and correctly as dictated by the Dentist
  • Monitor patients from entering the room, during treatment, and after the surgery
  • Offer reassurance and withhold to patients
  • Carry out buildup control
  • Greet patients and check them in
  • Answer the phone and agreement with uncomplaining inquiries
  • Book appointments
  • Take payment
  • Liaise next laboratories and referral hospitals/practices.


Dental nurses are usually required to possess the in the heavens of traits, which are relevant for their effectiveness upon the job:

  • High level of directory dexterity
  • You must be great with your hands
  • Good eyesight
  • Good subconscious health
  • A friendly and pleased approach
  • Confident and reassuring attitude
  • Ability to relate competently with different kinds of people.

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