Cook Jobs In Pilgrims’ Hatch

Cooks prepare meals and food items according to recipes created by the company or launch by which they are employed. They perform everything duties valuable to ensure that a meal is properly prepared and presented within a specified timeframe. Cook Jobs In Pilgrims’ Hatch

Job Description:

Job Title: Cook
Contract Type: Temporary
Starting Date: ASAP
Job Location: CM16
Salary Rate: £10 – £12 per hour

We are looking for a dedicated cook to prepare high-quality meals in accordance once food health and safety regulations and company standards. The cook’s responsibilities put in following instructions relating to the timely preparation of food orders, organizing workstations, and assisting further cooks as needed. You should also be accomplished to ensure that the refrigerators and storerooms are kept tidy and tidy. Cook Jobs In Pilgrims’ Hatch

To be successful as a cook, you should be nimble to use various cooking techniques and methods to prepare meals that meet our customers’ expectations. Ultimately, a top-notch chef should be adept to handle combination food orders without compromising on quality.

Responsibilities Of Cook Jobs In Pilgrims’ Hatch:

  • Preparing and assembling ingredients for menu items.
  • Preparing high-quality meals and food items according to company recipes.
  • Storing excess food at the truthful temperature in order to avoid spoilage.
  • Ensuring that food portions and food presentation meet company standards.
  • Monitoring supplies and re-ordering increase as needed.
  • Ensuring that cooking utensils are clean before each use.
  • Cleaning and sterilizing food preparation areas.
  • Assisting new cooks to ensure that food orders are completed in a timely manner.
  • Efficiently resolving problems in the same way as customers’ orders.
  • Ensuring that food health and safety regulations are followed.

Cook Requirements:

  • High assistant professor diploma or GED.
  • ServSafe food handling authorization is preferred.
  • Sound knowledge of cooking methods and techniques.
  • Proven experience on the go as a Cook.
  • The capability to follow recipes.
  • The feat to perform in a team.
  • The attainment to stand for extended periods of time.
  • Effective communication skills.

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