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Team Workers Direct help job seekers to find out the right job. Either you need temporary staff or want to recruit permanent staff for your business our team of expert will find the best candidate on short notice. We are in the business from last 10 years; we know what to ask, what to look for, and what you need. We are flexible as our applicants; recruit temporary and long term temp, temp to perm and contract vacancies, as well as find permanent staff whenever you need. We consider ourselves partners to the local businesses that seek our professional services – we work for you as much as your candidates will be, and we have exacting ethics. Get in touch no matter what you kind of worker you looking for; our team of professionals defiantly can help you to find the best candidates.









Our Recruitment Process

Staff recruitment in the UK is a big industry.  There are many agencies that do staff recruitment and make very lucrative lives from this.  However not every temp agency works on the basis of firm ethics and acceptable values.  The first thing that a client or a prospective client should look for in a staff recruitment agency is ethics.

Ethics in a staff recruitment agency means that candidates and clients are treated with honesty and the agency is prepared to be held accountable for its actions.  To determine this, the contract that the agency gives the client and the candidate to sign should be scrutinised closely.  The following questions should be answered satisfactorily:

  • What is the agency’s track record?
  • How are candidates remunerated?
  • How are clients billed?
  • Are clients given a breakdown of the billing?
  • Are there any guarantees in the contract for the client as well as the candidate?
  • How are candidates recruited?
  • What checks are done?

Workers Direct- The Recruitment Agency

Does the agency build a relationship with the client and the candidate?  Workers Direct has a transparent approach to staff recruitment and places an emphasis on accountability.  To this end Workers Direct will draft contracts on an individual basis to meet the client’s requirements.  Candidates sign a generic contract. Should there be clauses that the candidate is not comfortable with, his or her concerns will be addressed by upper management and if his or her objections have merited the contract may be amended.

Each consultant has an area of speciality that helps him or her to make correct placements. They also undergo in the house as well as external staff training pertinent to their field of expertise.  In addition to that consultants are encouraged to also acquire another field of expertise of interest.  This attention to detail and dedication to staff, clients and candidates make Workers Direct the recruiter of choice.