Front of House Jobs in Poplar


Poplar is a bustling and diverse neighborhood in East London, known for its rich history and cultural heritage. With the rapid growth of the hospitality industry, there has been a surge in front of house job opportunities in Poplar. Front of house roles play a crucial part in ensuring smooth operations and maintaining excellent customer service standards. In this article, we will explore various front of house jobs available in Poplar and provide insights into the skills and qualities required to excel in these roles.

The Role of Front of House Jobs

Front of house jobs are vital in the hospitality industry as they are the first point of contact for guests and customers. These roles are responsible for creating positive first impressions and delivering exceptional customer service. Whether it’s a receptionist at a hotel, a greeter at a restaurant, or a box office assistant at a theater, front of house staff establish the tone of the customer’s experience. They handle inquiries, manage reservations, coordinate with other departments, and ensure guests feel welcome and well taken care of.

Front of House Jobs in Poplar

1. Hotel Receptionist:

One of the most common front of house jobs is that of a hotel receptionist. The receptionist greets guests upon their arrival, checks them in, and provides information about the hotel’s facilities and services. They also handle reservations, answer phone calls, and assist with any inquiries or issues that guests may have during their stay.

2. Restaurant Host/Hostess:

Restaurants in Poplar often require the services of a host or hostess to manage the front of house. The host or hostess is responsible for greeting and seating guests, managing reservations, and maintaining a waitlist during busy periods. They also ensure that the dining area is clean and organized, and assist servers in delivering a seamless dining experience.

3. Theater Usher:

Poplar is home to several theaters and entertainment venues, which require ushers to manage the front of house. Ushers are responsible for greeting patrons, checking tickets, and guiding them to their seats. They also provide information about the show or performance and assist in maintaining a pleasant and orderly environment.

4. Event Coordinator:

Many events take place in Poplar, ranging from conferences and exhibitions to weddings and parties. Event coordinators handle the front of house responsibilities for such events, including managing registrations, assisting guests, coordinating with vendors, and ensuring a smooth flow of activities during the event.

Skills and Qualities for Front of House Jobs

While the specific skills and qualities required for each front of house job in Poplar may vary, there are several essential attributes that are universally appreciated in these roles:

1. Excellent Communication Skills:

Front of house staff must possess strong verbal and written communication skills. They interact with a variety of people, often in busy and demanding situations. They need to convey information clearly, listen attentively, and respond appropriately to customer inquiries or concerns.

2. Customer Service Excellence:

Front of house roles require a high level of customer service orientation. Staff must be friendly, approachable, and proactive in assisting guests. They should be able to anticipate customers’ needs, provide personalized service, and handle difficult situations with tact and professionalism.

3. Organizational Skills:

Managing multiple tasks and priorities is a common requirement for front of house jobs. Staff must be well-organized, efficient, and able to multitask effectively. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure accuracy when handling reservations, paperwork, or event logistics.

4. Problem-Solving Abilities:

Front of house staff often encounter unexpected challenges or customer complaints. The ability to think on their feet, remain calm under pressure, and find creative solutions is essential. Staff should be resourceful and adaptable in resolving issues while maintaining a positive customer experience.


Front of house jobs in Poplar offer exciting opportunities for individuals interested in the hospitality and customer service industry. From hotel receptionists to restaurant hosts, theater ushers to event coordinators, these roles require a combination of excellent communication skills, customer service excellence, organizational abilities, and problem-solving capabilities. With the right skills and qualities, individuals can thrive in front of house jobs in Poplar, ensuring positive guest experiences and contributing to the growth of the local hospitality scene.