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Front of House Jobs in Hackney Wick


Front of house jobs are an integral part of the hospitality and service industry, offering a wide range of opportunities for individuals looking to work in Hackney Wick. This bustling area in East London is known for its vibrant arts scene, trendy bars, and thriving restaurants, making it a hotspot for those seeking employment in front of house roles. From restaurants to hotels, coffee shops to event spaces, front of house positions in Hackney Wick offer a chance to work in a fast-paced environment, interact with guests, and be part of an ever-evolving community.

The Role of Front of House Jobs

Front of house roles play a crucial role in providing exceptional customer service and ensuring the smooth operation of establishments. Whether it’s greeting guests, taking reservations, managing seating arrangements, or addressing customer concerns, front of house staff are responsible for creating a positive experience for everyone who walks through the doors.

Types of Front of House Jobs in Hackney Wick

1. Restaurants and Cafés:

Front of house jobs in restaurants and cafés involve welcoming guests, taking orders, serving food and drinks, and handling transactions. These positions require excellent communication skills, a friendly demeanor, and the ability to work well under pressure.

2. Hotels:

Front of house roles in hotels often include positions such as receptionists, concierge, and guest services. These individuals play a vital role in ensuring guests have a seamless stay, providing information, assisting with check-ins and check-outs, and handling any requests or issues that may arise.

3. Event Spaces:

Hackney Wick is home to numerous event spaces that cater to weddings, conferences, parties, and exhibitions. Front of house staff in these venues are responsible for coordinating logistics, managing guest arrivals and departures, and ensuring the smooth running of events.

4. Bars and Pubs:

With its thriving nightlife and array of bars and pubs, front of house roles in Hackney Wick’s establishments involve serving drinks, engaging with customers, taking orders, and maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere.

Skills Required for Front of House Jobs in Hackney Wick

Working in a front of house role in Hackney Wick, or any other location for that matter, requires certain skills and qualities. These include:

1. Communication Skills:

Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for front of house roles. From greeting guests to taking orders or addressing potential issues, effective communication ensures smooth interactions and customer satisfaction.

2. Customer Service:

Providing outstanding customer service is a fundamental aspect of front of house jobs. The ability to anticipate guest needs, handle complaints, and go above and beyond to ensure a positive experience is essential in this line of work.

3. Problem-Solving Abilities:

Front of house staff often encounter challenging situations that require quick thinking and problem-solving skills. From managing difficult customers to handling unexpected issues, the ability to stay calm and find solutions is crucial.

4. Multitasking:

Working in a fast-paced environment, front of house employees must handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Juggling reservations, serving customers, and managing other responsibilities necessitates strong multitasking abilities.

Finding Front of House Jobs in Hackney Wick

There are various ways to find front of house jobs in Hackney Wick.

1. Online Job Platforms:

Numerous job boards and platforms cater specifically to hospitality roles, making them a great resource for finding front of house positions. Websites like Indeed, Caterer, and Hospitality Jobs UK often list vacancies in Hackney Wick and surrounding areas.

2. Direct Applications:

Contacting local restaurants, bars, hotels, and event venues directly can also be an effective way to find front of house jobs. Many establishments are open to receiving resumes and conducting interviews, even if there are no current vacancies advertised.

3. Networking:

Attending industry events, job fairs, and networking meetups in Hackney Wick provides an opportunity to connect with potential employers and learn about available front of house positions.


Front of house jobs in Hackney Wick offer a dynamic and exciting work environment for individuals interested in the hospitality and service industry. Whether in restaurants, hotels, event spaces, or bars, these roles provide an opportunity to hone communication and customer service skills while immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere of Hackney Wick. By leveraging key skills, exploring multiple avenues for job opportunities, and staying proactive in the job search, aspiring front of house professionals can find fulfilling career prospects in this thriving area of London.