School Cleaners Jobs in Greenwich

Are you looking for a fulfilling career in the field of school cleaning services? Look no further! In Greenwich, there are numerous job opportunities for school cleaners waiting for you. With the current demand for school cleaning services, you can find various school cleaning vacancies in Greenwich to kickstart your career.

As a school cleaner, you play a vital role in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for students and staff. By joining the team of Greenwich school cleaners, you contribute to the overall well-being of the educational community.

School Cleaners Jobs in Greenwich

What Does a School Cleaner Do?

School cleaners maintain hygiene across classrooms, corridors, offices, washrooms and other facilities. Their daily tasks include:

  • Emptying trash cans and waste disposal
  • Sweeping, mopping floors, vacuuming carpets
  • Wiping desks, cabinets, blackboards and whiteboards
  • Cleaning washrooms, toilets and replenishing supplies
  • Tidying staff rooms, cafeterias, libraries and activity areas
  • Washing windows, walls, doors and furniture
  • Removing litter and obstacles from hallways and entryways
  • Prepping classrooms for day’s activities if early shift
  • Securing premises after school hours if late shift
  • Reporting damages, safety hazards or maintenance needs

Thoroughness, responsibility and work ethic are essential qualities for school cleaners.

Start Your Journey as a School Cleaner

Starting your journey as a school cleaner can be a great way to contribute to the education system while enjoying a flexible work schedule. In Greenwich, there are several job opportunities that can lead you towards a fulfilling career as a school custodian.

School Janitor Positions Greenwich

Greenwich has many school janitor positions that require reliable and skillful professionals who can maintain and clean school premises consistently. These positions offer a chance to ensure that the learning environment is safe and conducive to student development.

Cleaning Jobs in Greenwich Schools

If you’re searching for cleaning jobs in Greenwich schools, there are many positions available for skilled individuals who take pride in ensuring school facilities remain spotless. By joining a school cleaning team, you’ll contribute to the overall well-being of students and staff and be part of an essential service.

School Custodian Jobs Greenwich

School custodian jobs in Greenwich provide a fantastic opportunity for individuals committed to ensuring clean and safe learning environments. As a school custodian, you’ll be responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the school premises, supporting and assisting students and staff with any additional needs.

Essential Skills and Qualifications

  • Physical fitness and ability to handle repetitive tasks
  • Professionalism and trustworthiness
  • Customer service orientation
  • Time management and ability to follow routines
  • Knowledge of cleaning methods and safe chemical use
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Willingness to work early mornings or late evenings
  • Adherence to health and safety standards
  • Eligibility to work in the UK

School Cleaners Jobs in Greenwich

Where to Find School Cleaners Jobs in Greenwich Openings

  • Greenwich Council careers portal
  • Websites of local schools
  • Job sites like Indeed, TotalJobs, CareerBuilder
  • Recruitment agencies specializing in school support staff hiring
  • Directly approaching cleaning companies contracted by schools
  • Asking other school cleaners and staff for referrals
  • Checking community noticeboards and newspapers

Major employers include local schools, Greenwich Council maintenance team, Churchill, Julia Bright Cleaning and other third party cleaning services vendors.

Part-Time Cleaning Jobs and Job Openings for School Cleaners

Are you looking for flexible employment opportunities as a school cleaner? Greenwich has several part-time cleaning jobs designed to cater to individuals seeking a work-life balance. Check out the latest school cleaners jobs in Greenwich and kickstart your journey to becoming a valued member of a dynamic cleaning team.

Part-time cleaning jobs offer the freedom to work on your own terms, allowing you to balance work with other personal and professional commitments. It’s also an excellent way to gain experience in the field of school cleaning services, developing skills that can be beneficial in the long run.

To find openings for school cleaners jobs, you can search through online job boards or reach out to local cleaning companies in the Greenwich area. Be sure to highlight your strengths and experience in maintaining clean and safe environments, showcasing a passion for contributing to the education system’s well-being.

Benefits of Part-Time Cleaning Jobs

Part-time cleaning jobs can provide numerous benefits, such as:

Benefits Details
Flexible work schedules Part-time cleaning jobs allow you to work on a schedule that suits your lifestyle, making it easier to balance work with other commitments.
Valuable experience Working as a school cleaner provides you with experience in maintaining clean and safe environments and contributes to your professional growth.
Convenience Part-time cleaning jobs are often located near your home or work, saving you time and money on commuting.

Overall, part-time cleaning jobs and job openings for school cleaners are an attractive option for individuals seeking flexible employment opportunities. With a little effort and dedication, you can start your journey to becoming a valued member of a school cleaning team.

Typical Salaries for School Cleaners jobs in Greenwich

The average salaries for school cleaners in Greenwich are:

  • Entry level: £18,000 – £20,000
  • Experienced: £20,000 – £23,000

Salaries vary based on employer, exact scope of responsibilities and part-time or full-time status. Benefits usually include paid time off, workplace pension and allowances. Many roles offer guaranteed hours.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

  • Prior cleaning or janitorial experience preferred
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills
  • DIY skills, maintenance knowledge a plus
  • Responsible approach and clean background
  • Physical ability to perform cleaning tasks
  • First aid training is beneficial
  • COVID safety and hygiene training
  • DBS certification may be required

No specific formal qualifications are mandatory. On-the-job training will be provided.

Future Job Opportunities

Demand for school cleaners jobs in Greenwich and janitorial staff remains relatively stable long term across Greenwich and wider London region. Cleaners who develop expertise across maintenance, waste management and landscaping can boost career prospects. Willingness to cover early and late shifts also helps secure employment. Candidates with the right diligence and work ethic should find roles via temp agencies or direct school hiring.

In summary, becoming a school cleaners jobs in Greenwich provides an opportunity for flexible part-time employment and developing transferable skills. Greenwich offers plenty of school cleaning roles across borough for locals seeking entry level janitorial positions.


Greenwich provides ample opportunity for those seeking a career in school cleaning services. From janitorial work to cleaning careers and school facility maintenance jobs, there are cleaning job opportunities available that cater to your aspirations. Join the ranks of dedicated school cleaners jobs in Greenwich and make a positive impact on the education community.

School Cleaners Jobs in Greenwich


What are the working hours like?

Cleaners usually work early shifts before school starts or late shifts after classes end. Part-time roles of 25-30 hours weekly are common.

What essential certification should school cleaners have?

Having a current DBS clearance certifies your background check. COVID-19 safety training is also preferred by schools.

How should you prepare for the recruitment process?

Highlight any prior cleaning or facilities experience. Be ready for criminal background checks and cleaning skills assessments.

What are disadvantages of school cleaners jobs in Greenwich?

Work can be tiring over long periods. Balancing school terms and holiday schedules requires planning.

How much do salaries vary?

Salaries range between £20k-£25k with public schools and colleges paying higher rates compared to state schools.

In summary, school cleaners jobs in Greenwich provide locally based, flexible employment options for those willing to take on hands-on janitorial responsibilities.

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