Front Of House Jobs in Blackheath

The front-of-house staff ensures a seamless and expose customer experience for guests at venues including restaurants, bars, and gastropubs. They control bookings, greet guests, escort them to tables, and are there to resolve any customer issues or complaints. Front Of House Jobs in Blackheath

Job Description:

Job Title: Front Of House Jobs
Contract Type: Temporary
Starting Date: ASAP
Job Location: Hackney_N16
Salary Rate: £9.00-£10.00/Hr

As the front-of-house staff, you should be outgoing, personable, and proficient at emphasizing management. Remarkable front-of-house staff will allow foreign diners well along than suggestions for clear entertainment.

Responsibilities Of Front Of House Jobs in Blackheath:

  • Receiving and confirming walk-in, telephonic, and online reservations.
  • Directing in stomach arrivals to the bar as they wait for their tables to become available.
  • Ushering diners to their tables and providing them subsequently menus.
  • Accepting and informing the relevant staff very nearly food and beverage requests.
  • Mixing and pouring beverages, as needed. Front Of House Jobs in Blackheath
  • Transporting food orders from the kitchen to each pertinent table.
  • Clearing glassware, silverware, and crockery from each table future guests have completed their meals, or on request.
  • Providing guests similar to their checks after the meal sitting.
  • Clearing and reporting breakages by diners.

Front of House Requirements:

  • High researcher diploma or usual equivalent.
  • Proven experience in the meting out of interest.
  • Professional hair and make-up in back no large, visible tattoos.
  • Wearing and maintaining the prescribed uniform.
  • Excellent verbal communication and memorization skills.
  • Great interpersonal and teamwork skills. Front Of House Jobs in Blackheath
  • Ability to remain composed, particularly during stressful or uncomfortable circumstances.
  • Physically fit. Front Of House Jobs in Blackheath
  • Availability to produce a result evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • Willingness to comport yourself additional duties to withhold the restaurant’s operations, as needed.

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