Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about staffing agency

Staff Direct provides contract, temporary and/or temporary to permanent staff in all sectors with remarkable results. We attain this through blend of best candidates, endless development, ground-breaking determination and principled performances. It allocates our clients to shape, strategise and do their jobs safely & sustainably, certifying that foundation is modernised and effective for all the key applicants for temp jobs.

We recruit the best talent on behalf of our clients, depending on their demand; temporary, contract and permanent recruitment services for Administrative Staff, Cleaners, Decorators, Drivers, Electricians, General Labourers, Handyman, Housekeepers, Maintenance Man, Multi Skilled Builders, Painters, Site Operatives, Supervisors, and many more as one of the leading temp agency in UK.

Being temp staff has many great advantages compared to working in a permanent position include flexibility in work/life, valuable opportunity to experience, higher hourly rates of temp jobs, no need to do long-term commitments, expand professional network, and can become permanent role. Benefits of temporary jobs makes them more desirable than permanent role.

If you looking for job; on top of this page there is tab “CONTACT”; under “CONTACT” there is “CV REGISTRATION”. This is where you can show your interest in industry of your choosing along with your own precise contact details and your up to date CV. If you looking for more than one industry; please do mention it, temp jobs.

Although majority of our clients have been in various parts of the UK requiring staff in other areas in general; but our staff has been covering throughout the UK and in some cases even abroad. Mentioning abroad; we have provided staff previously in countries like France and Isle of Jersey.

Temporary work is fantastic way to take experience and money in flexible way. While staff can also benefit from higher level than normal pay are common for short-term employment. This is why it is best to have temporary jobs that pays more in a definite likelihood then a permanent one. temp agency.

If you looking for temporary workers; on top of this page there is “HOME PAGE”; under “HOME PAGE” there is “BOOK STAFF“. This is where you can show your interest in the candidates of your choosing along with your own precise contact detail. If you are looking for few people to work in more than one industry; please do mention it.

Contrary to popular belief, it has roots in a piece that “Jobs” on top of this page is where the jobs will be overall generated for the firm with its own industry once advertised. There is certainly no limit to how many people can apply for such an availability but there is chances of it getting noticed by many.