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    Why Extra Staff?

    When there is a project that requires more staff than the company has available, the organisation will employ extra staff to fill the shortage. These temps are there only for the duration of the project. Once the project is completed, the extra staff is paid and they leave the organisation with no expectation of being employed by the company.

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    Being part of an extra staff team is exciting and rewarding. Usually there are strict deadlines and the extra staff is pushed hard to complete their tasks. When working so closely with each other, as well as the company’s employees, friendships and contacts are formed. In many cases these contacts mean that the extra staff member is requested by name should another situation arise where extra staff agency may be needed.

    What characteristics does extra staff have?

    People who work as extra staff are often students trying to earn some extra money during breaks and vacations. Other characteristics include:

    • Willingness to work hard
    • Willingness to work to pressing deadlines
    • Able to work with other people
    • Able to take initiative in order to speed up the work in progress
    • Should be available at short notice for a short period of time
    • Should not be looking for a permanent job

    Extra staff is a good way for companies to fill gaps without having to take on the HR responsibilities that they have with permanent and temporary staff. Projects are completed faster and deadlines are met. This means that the company can deliver goods and services on time and have satisfied clients. This could mean repeat business for the company and therefore another project for the extra staff team.

    Extra staff often get to see the end result of their work and that leads to an exciting and rewarding reason to earn extra money.