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Part-Time Jobs in Liberton

Liberton, a vibrant suburb located in the southern part of Edinburgh, offers ample opportunities for part-time employment in the field of library services. The local library, with its extensive collection of books and materials, provides a range of rewarding positions for individuals seeking part-time work. These roles may include library assistants, circulation clerks, or shelvers, all of which contribute to the smooth functioning of the library and assist patrons in accessing valuable resources. Part-time jobs in Liberton’s library sector offer flexible schedules, making them ideal for students, parents, or anyone seeking additional income. The responsibilities may include organizing materials, checking books in and out, assisting patrons with research, and maintaining the overall order and cleanliness of the library. Moreover, working in a library setting provides an intellectually stimulating environment for individuals interested in literature, research, or community engagement. With its professional and informative atmosphere, part-time jobs in Liberton’s library sector are an excellent opportunity for those seeking a fulfilling and flexible working experience.


Liberton, a charming suburb located in the southern part of Edinburgh, offers a plethora of part-time job opportunities for individuals seeking flexible employment. Whether you are a student searching for work to support your studies or a local resident looking to supplement your income, Liberton provides various part-time job options across diverse industries. In this article, we will explore the different part-time job opportunities available in Liberton, highlighting their advantages, requirements, and potential salaries. So, if you are ready to embark on a rewarding part-time job journey, keep reading!

Retail Positions

The retail sector in Liberton is thriving, providing numerous part-time job opportunities for individuals with excellent customer service skills. Local stores, including supermarkets, clothing boutiques, and specialty shops, regularly hire part-time employees. These positions often involve assisting customers, stocking shelves, operating the cash register, and maintaining store cleanliness.

One of the key advantages of working in retail in Liberton is the flexibility of scheduling, allowing you to juggle work with other commitments. However, it is important to note that the hours may vary, with some positions requiring evening or weekend availability, particularly during busy shopping seasons. On average, part-time retail employees in Liberton can expect to earn around £8-£10 per hour based on experience.

Hospitality and Food Service

Liberton is home to a vibrant hospitality and food service industry, making it an ideal location for those seeking part-time jobs in this sector. Local cafes, restaurants, pubs, and hotels frequently offer part-time positions for individuals with strong communication and teamwork skills. Roles in this industry may include waiting tables, bartending, food preparation, or housekeeping.

Part-time jobs in hospitality and food service often require flexibility in working hours, as they may involve evening and weekend shifts to accommodate customer demand. The hourly wages for these positions can range from £7.50-£9, with the potential to earn additional tips depending on the role.

Tutoring and Education

For those with a passion for teaching and knowledge-sharing, Liberton provides numerous opportunities for part-time tutoring and education positions. Many families in the area seek tutors for various subjects, including mathematics, English, science, and foreign languages, to help their children excel academically. Additionally, local community centers, adult education institutions, and language schools often require part-time teachers for adult learners.

Working as a tutor or part-time teacher in Liberton allows you to set your own schedule and work one-on-one with students or small groups, fostering a rewarding learning experience. The hourly rates for tutoring and education positions can range from £15-£30, depending on qualifications and subject expertise.

Administrative Roles

Liberton also offers part-time job opportunities in administrative positions for individuals with strong organizational and multitasking abilities. Various local businesses, including offices, clinics, and community organizations, frequently hire part-time administrative assistants or receptionists. These roles typically involve answering phone calls, managing appointments, maintaining records, and providing general support.

Part-time administrative positions in Liberton often provide regular weekday hours, making them suitable for those seeking stable part-time employment. Salaries for administrative roles can range from £8-£12 per hour based on experience and responsibilities.


If you are looking for part-time job opportunities in Liberton, you are in luck! With its diverse range of industries and flexible scheduling options, Liberton provides a plethora of part-time employment prospects. Whether you are interested in retail, hospitality, education, or administration, there are options available to suit your skills and preferences.

Remember to consider your own availability, interests, and pay expectations when exploring part-time job opportunities in Liberton. Additionally, ensure that you meet the specific requirements outlined by employers and prepare a professional resume and cover letter to increase your chances of securing the desired position.

By exploring the various part-time job options in Liberton, you can find rewarding and flexible employment that supports your financial needs while allowing you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of this vibrant suburb in Edinburgh. So, polish your resume, get prepared, and take the first step towards a fulfilling part-time job in Liberton!