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  • Contractual Staff

    Contractual workers are needed when there is an overload of work. Contract staff is therefore used to help with given tasks on a very flexible basis. Usually contractual staffing relies on short-term assignments with a very specific focus.

    Our Approach to Contractual Staff

    Staff Direct have the ideal solution for providing staff for a short period of time:

    • Staff is qualified and experienced
    • They are available on short notice
    • Contract staff are committed to the work for the duration of the project

    As always Staff Direct has an excellent relationship with our clients as well as our temps and contractual staff. We do regular check-ups to ensure that any problems or issues are sorted out immediately. It also allows us to replace the contract staff if there is no solution to the problem.

    Providing Excellent Service

    Because we have such an excellent relationship with our clients, we can:

    • Find contract staff that suit the company’s culture
    • Match the extra staffing needs with the most appropriately qualified and experienced temps
    • Make sure that there are little or no problems between the temporary staff member and the client.

    Why Contract Staffing?

    Contractual staffing is becoming a very popular way of completing projects. They are:

    • Easily employable
    • There are no legal obligations towards them
    • They are easily replaceable
    • They leave when the project is completed

    With all of this in mind, clients should be confident with this choice of staffing agency. Managing staff for a short period of time is far more cost effective and less stressful than permanent workers. The quality of the work done by the contract staff will (in most cases) be of superior quality because s/he know that his next assignment depends on the satisfaction of this client.

    Staff Direct is always available to place contract staff with its clients and willing to find the right person for the job.