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    Catering Agencies

    Whether you need a cook or a kitchen porter, we can provide you with the best kitchen staff. As a catering staff agency, we rank tops in the industry. We specialise in all types of catering staff from cleaners and catering assistants, right through to the best chefs in the industry. Therefor our agency is also known as an exceptional chef agency.Catering agencies should know the industry, the people profiles and the skills needed to operate in the kitchen and catering industry. We therefor train our consultants extensively to recognise the traits in potential applicants that will make them successful applicants. Among these traits are:

    • Perseverance
    • A willingness to work long hours
    • Exceptional creativity
    • A willingness to learn
    • Exceptional people skills as well as customer service skills

    Once these traits have been established, the candidate’s CV is scrutinised. S/he should have the necessary training and qualifications in order to meet the requirements of our clients. These qualifications should be accredited by a recognised hotel and entertainment training body. Experience should likewise be obtained from a credible hotel / catering / entertainment environment.

     Professional,Qualified & Experienced Staffing

    The first thing that a client should look for in a catering staff agency is its level of customer service. If its own service is not up to standard, it could mean that they would not be vigilant about the customer service skills of their potential candidates.Staff Direct offers the best customer service in the industry and our client’s needs and requirements are of the utmost importance to us. Not only do we provide both our clients as well as our candidates with the best service possible, we bring professionalism, knowledge and experience to the table.Our client’s needs and requirements clearly inform the level of candidate that we provide. It is therefor of vital importance that our clients provide with the following minimum details:

    • Type of job available
    • Duration of job
    • Address of delivery
    • Contact person
    • Experience and qualifications required

    With this information we can carefully sift through our database and find the most suitable candidate(s) for the job.

    Kitchen and Catering Staff

    Direct staff has many years’ experience in finding the most suitable potential candidates in the industry. Some of these will be suitable for permanent positions, while others will only want temporary or seasonal work.When you’re looking at staffing a kitchen or doing catering for a function, you will need to determine whether you need permanent or temporary staff. Very often you will make use of temporary staff on a regular basis, but choose not to employ permanent staff due to the high risk of work shortage in the industry. This is a trend that many hotel / entertainment and catering companies are following. Even restaurants with a steady flow of customers may employ waiters and chefs on a temporary basis during peak holiday seasons or festive days.You need to carefully consider which catering agencies can meet your needs and requirements and then choose the best  – which is, of course, Staff Direct.