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Staff Direct: Find School Receptionist Jobs in Attercliffe

Job Title: School Receptionist

Location: Attercliffe

Main Responsibilities:

Greeting and Welcoming Guests:

  • – Provide a friendly and professional greeting to students, parents, visitors, and staff.
  • – Ensure all visitors are appropriately signed in and provided with any necessary badges or directions.

School Receptionist Jobs in Attercliffe


  • – Answer and appropriately direct inbound telephone calls.
  • – Relay messages to staff and students as needed.
  • – Respond to general inquiries about the school and its programs.

Administrative Support:

  • – Perform general clerical duties including photocopying, faxing, mailing, and filing.
  • – Maintain electronic and hard copy filing system, ensuring information is organized and easily accessible.
  • – Handle incoming and outgoing mail and deliveries.

Student Support:

  • – Manage student records and attendance.
  • – Assist with the coordination of student transportation and school events.

Safety and Security:

  • – Monitor entry and exit of students and visitors to ensure school security.
  • – Maintain visitor logs and issue visitor passes.

Facility Coordination:

  • – Help manage the scheduling of facilities, such as meeting rooms or event spaces.
  • – Report any facilities issues to maintenance staff.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. Further qualifications in administrative duties or customer service are beneficial.


  • – Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • – Proficiency with computers including Microsoft Office Suite and data entry systems.
  • – Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • – Strong organizational skills with attention to detail.
  • – Patience and a positive demeanor.


  • – Compassionate and approachable.
  • – Professional and presentable appearance.
  • – Ability to handle confidential information with discretion.
  • – Flexibility to deal with unexpected situations.


– Previous experience in a receptionist or administrative assistant role, preferably in an educational setting.

Various School Receptionist Roles in Attercliffe and Pay Rates:

School receptionist roles in Attercliffe may vary slightly from one institution to another. Here are potential variants:

Full-Time School Receptionist:

  • – Generally a standard 9-5 role during school hours.
  • – May occasionally require participation in school events outside of regular hours.

Part-Time School Receptionist:

  • – Working hours might be during the morning or afternoon shifts.
  • – Suitable for individuals requiring flexible work schedules.

Temporary/Seasonal Receptionist:

  • – Covering terms like summer camps or during peak administrative periods.
  • – May work full-time hours but on a short-term contract.

Pay Rates:

Pay rates for school receptionists in Attercliffe can vary depending on the role, experience, and funding of the school. Typically, these roles can expect:

Hourly Rate £9.00 – £12.00 per hour

Annual Salary (Full-Time): £16,000 – £22,000

It’s important to note that these figures are indicative and should be verified with current job listings or the school’s administrative department for precise remuneration details. Additionally, some schools may offer fringe benefits such as pensions, health benefits, or training opportunities that can add to the overall compensation package.

Find School Receptionist Jobs in Attercliffe

Introduction to School Receptionist Careers in Attercliffe

Finding a role as a school receptionist in the vibrant community of Atteridge can be both exciting and fulfilling. School receptionists are the heartbeat of a school’s administrative team. They serve as the first point of contact for students, teachers, parents, and visitors, providing an essential connection between all facets of school life. The role demands a wide range of skills and qualities, including strong communication skills, organization, a friendly demeanor, and the ability to handle a variety of tasks efficiently.

Understanding the Role of a School Receptionist

A school receptionist’s role goes beyond merely answering phone calls and greeting visitors. It involves administrative responsibilities such as managing student records, scheduling appointments, handling correspondence, and sometimes, assisting with certain financial tasks. The job may also entail monitoring visitor access and implementing safety protocols, which are crucial in a school setting. Moreover, in some schools, receptionists provide support with school events and meetings. The position calls for an individual who can multitask, stay organized under pressure, and maintain a positive atmosphere even when handling challenging situations.

Educational and Skill Requirements

Although requirements may vary from one institution to another, generally, schools in Attercliffe look for candidates with at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Additionally, proficiency in basic computer skills, like word processing and spreadsheet software, is often necessary. Since the receptionist is often the first person students and visitors interact with, impeccable communication skills and a friendly manner are crucial. Experience in customer service or administrative roles can be beneficial. For some schools, knowledge of educational software or specific administrative systems used within the school district may be preferred.

Where to Find School Receptionist Job Listings in Atteridge

Job seekers looking for school receptionist positions in Attercliffe can begin their search through a variety of channels. Local school websites are an excellent starting point, as they often advertise vacancies in the careers or employment sections. Additionally, online job boards such as Indeed, Monster, or Reed are just a few of the platforms where schools might post their openings. Another valuable resource can be the local council’s website, where public sector job listings, including those for schools, are frequently updated. Networking can also be a powerful tool. Engaging with educational professionals or attending job fairs in Attercliffe may provide leads on upcoming job opportunities that have not been advertised publicly.


Preparing Your Resume and Cover Letter

A strong resume and cover letter are pivotal in securing a school receptionist position. It’s important to tailor your resume to highlight relevant experience and skills that match the job description. Emphasize any administrative skills, communication abilities, and any special training or certifications that may be pertinent to working in a school environment. Your cover letter should complement your resume by explaining why you are passionate about working as a school receptionist, how your skills make you an ideal fit for the role, and what you can bring to the school community. Be sure to proofread both documents carefully to avoid any errors, as attention to detail is essential in administrative work.

Preparing for the Interview

Once you land an interview, it’s crucial to prepare thoroughly. Researching the school’s culture, its ethos, and its values can provide you with insights that will help you answer questions more effectively and align your responses with what the school is looking for. Be ready to provide concrete examples of how you’ve handled administrative tasks or challenging interpersonal situations in the past. Additionally, think about questions you can ask the interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the position and your commitment to contributing to the school. Remember, the interview is not only for the school to assess you but also for you to determine if the school is the right fit for your career aspirations.

Understanding Attercliffe’s Educational Landscape

Attercliffe, like any community, has its unique educational landscape. Whether you are looking for opportunities in public schools, private institutions, or specialized programs, understanding the variety of educational settings in Attercliffe is important. Familiarizing yourself with the schools in the area and their specific needs can give you an edge in your job hunt. Take the time to learn about each school’s values, achievements, and community involvement, as these can inform your approach when applying and interviewing for receptionist positions.

Navigating the Application Process

The application process for a school receptionist job in Attercliffe can vary depending on the school. Some may ask for online applications, while others may require a traditional paper submission. It’s important to follow the instructions provided in the job listing meticulously. Always ensure your contact information is up-to-date and that you provide any requested documents, such as references or background checks, promptly. Furthermore, some schools may have specific application deadlines, so it’s wise to submit your application well before the closing date to ensure it is considered.

Advancing Your Skills and Professional Development

In a competitive job market, continuous professional development is key. For those who seek to stand out among other candidates for a school receptionist role, pursuing additional training or certifications in administrative skills, educational software, or communication can be advantageous. Local colleges in Attercliffe or online learning platforms offer various courses that can enhance your professionalism and efficiency. Additionally, joining professional organizations related to educational administration can provide networking opportunities and access to further professional development resources.

Volunteering and Temporary Positions

If you are struggling to find a permanent school receptionist position, consider volunteering or accepting temporary roles within schools or related organizations. Volunteering can provide hands-on experience, allow you to familiarize yourself with school operations, and show potential employers your dedication to working in an educational environment. Similarly, temporary positions or substitute receptionist roles can not only help you gain experience but also build a network within the education community and could lead to a permanent position in the future.


Securing a school receptionist job in Attercliffe requires preparation, perseverance, and a genuine passion for working within an educational environment. By understanding the role’s requirements, harnessing the avenues available for finding job listings, and presenting a strong application, you increase your chances of landing a job that is both rewarding and integral to the functioning of a school. Remember that continuous professional development and flexibility can also be instrumental in your job search. With commitment and the right approach, you can find a school reception andist career in Attercliffe that allows you to contribute to the education community and grow professionally.

FAQs – Find School Receptionist Jobs in Attercliffe

1. How can I find school receptionist jobs in Atteridge?

You can search for school receptionist positions in Atteridge by checking online job boards such as Indeed, Reed.co.uk, or Tes Jobs. Additionally, visiting the websites of schools or educational institutions in Atteridge and looking for current vacancies under their careers or vacancies section can be useful. Networking with professionals in the education sector or contacting local agencies specializing in educational support roles might also provide opportunities. Don’t forget to check local newspapers or community boards for job advertisements.

2. What qualifications do I need to become a school receptionist in Attercliffe?

Typically, a school receptionist should have a good standard of education, including GCSEs or equivalent in English and Maths. Proficiency with basic office software, such as Microsoft Office, and experience with administrative duties are often required. Some schools may prefer candidates who have a receptionist or administrative qualification, such as an NVQ or diploma in Business Administration.

3. What are the duties of a school receptionist?

A school receptionist’s duties usually include managing the front desk, answering phone calls, handling correspondence, greeting visitors, maintaining records, scheduling appointments, and providing administrative support to staff and teachers. They may also be responsible for handling cash for school-related transactions and updating student information systems.

4. Are there full-time and part-time receptionist jobs available in schools in Attercliffe?

Yes, schools in Attercliffe typically offer both full-time and part-time receptionist positions to cater to their operational needs. The specifics, such as working hours and contract terms, will vary by school, so it’s important to read job descriptions carefully and choose the one that aligns with your availability and preference.

5. What skills are schools in Attercliffe looking for in a receptionist?

Schools usually look for receptionists with strong communication and interpersonal skills, organizational abilities, a friendly and professional demeanor, and the capability to multitask and handle a busy environment. Familiarity with office equipment, such as photocopiers and fax machines, and specific school administration software may be advantageous. Confidentiality and the capacity to work well under pressure are also important qualities for a school receptionist.