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    Staff Direct is known for its expertise and knowledge in providing our clients with the right admin staff, administrative helpers and admin workers. As one of the best temp agency London It is our mission to make sure that our clients get the right person for the job at the right time.

    Finding the right admin staff

    If you’re looking for an administrative assistant, Staff Direct is able to provide in all your administrative staffing needs. We will recruit the administrative team that you require based on the job specs that the client provides to us. Unlike other administrative staff agencies, Staff Direct gets to know our clients, their work environments as well as the culture of the company. Based on this, Staff Direct is in the ideal position to provide administrative professionals who have the following skills:

    • Computer proficiency
    • People skills
    • High adaptability
    • Willingness to learn
    • Good team player
    • Excellent communicator

    Our expertise

    In addition to all the other benefits that our clients receive from recruiting through Staff Direct, we pride ourselves on high placement rates, as well as exceptional retention rates. We follow-up on the temp’s progress and if there are any performance issues, they are dealt with immediately. Agency workers are carefully selected based on the criteria mentioned above, as well as:

    • Present ability
    • Vocabulary
    • Previous experience
    • Positive background and reference checks
    • General attitude towards work in general and the willingness to take on a variety of tasks

    Admin staff are expected to help the company run smoothly without hitches. If the administration in a company is lacking, there are many problems that can result from the loss of documents and other administrative failures.

    Staff Direct makes sure that its administrative helpers are aware of the consequences if they neglect their duties. Of all the administrative staff agencies, Staff Direct prides itself on its professionalism and the ability to provide top-class admin staff.