Accounts and Finance

Accounts and finance are fields of expertise. Here candidates have to have the necessary qualifications, skills and experience in order to be considered for these positions.

Once again, there are differing levels of skill and experience and we will rely on the client to give us guidance as to what is required.


All our accounts and finance candidates are screened carefully. In-depth background checks are done to ensure that there are no histories involving fraud, theft etc. involved. This is important as the integrity of the client’s financial system is of main concern to both the client and Temporary Staff Agency.


There is a high demand for these skills and expertise, so we are always recruiting for these positions. Temporary Staff Agency has an extensive database with suitably qualified and experienced candidates for most accounts and finance positions. If we are unable to immediately meet the client’s requirements, we will actively recruit, headhunt and job post for the position at no additional cost to the client. Usually we would require some prior notice of a position becoming available in order to take the necessary recruitment steps.