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Recruitment Agencies Are Still Working Hard In Finding Jobs For Jobs Seekers.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastation it continues to cause around the UK, businesses have to find a way to restart as soon as they can safely do so.

The pending recession must not be followed by a slow recovery that lasts beyond 2022. Critical business sectors, such as the housing market will stagnate otherwise, and that will have a negative knock-on effect on the rest of the economy.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it is hard to predict what solutions if implemented by the government, would be effective. That is because many businesses have been forced into hibernation. So, currently, the limited amount of data available from the various sectors of the economy is impacting on the government’s solution-finding process.

Still, while the future may look gloomy at present for workers in the UK who have been forced to stay at home, they should remember that a great many more people around the world have it worse.

Staff Direct- A Top Recruitment Agency

At Staff Direct our mission is bring together professionals who are looking to find jobs with the companies that are looking to hire them.

Our professionals understand the variable that go into making a good match between workers and companies looking to hire workers.

They know how to look at both the requirements of the job and the overall culture of a company.  They also know how to look beyond job seeker’s CV and see them a whole person, both strengths and weaknesses.

That enables them to skilfully bring together professionals with the companies looking for them.

Why Recruitment Agencies Get the Job Done for You

If you are a company looking to hire professionals for key positions, you may be wondering why using a staffing agency or a temp agency would be beneficial for your company.

There are a number of benefits that companies get from using an recruitment agency

  • It saves you and your employees time.
  • It helps you cut the cost of the recruiting process, which can be quite expensive.
  • Using a recruitment agency allows your company to test out candidates before committing to hiring them full-time.
  • Using a temp agency allows you fill expected vacancies quickly, as well as seasonal vacancies.
  • Additionally, agencies have a network of candidates that your company can take advantage of.
  • Recruitment agencies are useful when you are seeking professionals with specific skill sets and looking to fill niche positions. Agencies are able to find and recruit highly sought-after professionals with specialised skills.
  • Employment agencies are also very beneficial for professionals who are seeking a job.
  • One of the highest benefits is that agencies can help professionals in a wide range of industries find a job at the right company for them.
  • Simply registering with jobs agencies near you is likely to turn up a number of employment opportunities that can help you to find a job.
  • Employment Agencies are very helpful for workers who want to temp jobs and temp to hire jobs.
  • They give job seekers the opportunity to work with professionals at the agency who will help them present themselves to potential employers in the best possible way.
  • They work with job seekers to help them find positions that polish to their skills and give feedback on how they are doing.
  • Best of all, recruitment agencies have a network of connections that they use to help professionals find companies that are hiring. When professionals are looking to find jobs, they know that employment agencies are there for them.

COVID-19 & Role of Recruitment Agencies

In most developing countries, it has only been possible to implement partial or short-term lockdown measures to combat the spread of the disease, and understandably so. Where people live from hand to mouth and cannot afford luxury goods such as refrigerators, they have to work and shop on most days to survive.

They are, therefore, faced with an irresolvable dilemma under lockdown measures. The chance of dying of starvation or other related health risks associated with dire poverty is as much a threat to them during lockdowns as the threat of contracting COVID-19 is to them.

At least in the West, governments have been able to implement ameliorating fiscal schemes to lessen the financial impact on individuals and business forced to lockdown. Furthermore, although unemployment rates have tumbled to unprecedented levels due to the pandemic, those stats in countries like the UK will improve after the lockdown.

Importance of employment agencies

So, as difficult as life may be right now, workers agencies and employers should be taking positive steps to ensure they remain attractive in the job market.

During the pandemic should, therefore, be to encourage their clients to adapt to the changing landscape of work. One way they can do so is by emphasising the following five points:

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